Traditional meetings at the triple border of Serbia-Hungary-Romania.

Last weekend, the traditional border opening ceremony was held at the triple border of Serbia, Hungary and Romania (Rabe – Kibekhaza – Beba Veke) within the cooperation of the Euroregion Danube – Kriš – Moriš – Tisza. The ceremony was organized at the Triplex Confinium monument – a stone border on the three borders, which is a symbol of strong history, cultural diversity and intense cooperation between three neighboring countries, which marked the 27th anniversary of Euroregional cooperation, which, among other things, contributed to the opening of this border and influenced citizens’ lives. After the official’s speech, a traditional cross-border cross race was held, with the participation of children from three surrounding villages in Serbia, Hungary and Romania. The event was preceded by handicraft exhibitions and a fair of local gastronomic offers, and during the four days of the meeting, the inhabitants of this region could enjoy the folklore traditions of the region performed by cultural and artistic societies and live music.