A special wedding

On Wednesday, April 24, a wedding was held in the Home for the Elderly – Bosiljka Dević (82) from Banatski Arandjelov and Siniša Veličković (86) from Senta said the fateful “YES”. It was probably love at first sight and that in the third age, since Siniša once came to the Home for the elderly with the intention of staying for one day. But, due to fortunate circumstances, on the first day, at lunch, he met Bosiljka, who was a native. It is Veličković and Dević’s second marriage, and today, in the middle of Wednesday, a real wedding was organized, open to all guests. 10 guests from the Association of Pensioners from Subotica responded to the invitation for the wedding party, who recently watched a TV program about the wedding party announced at the Home in Novi Kneževac.

The witnesses at this unusual wedding were Ljubica Jolić, manager and social worker of the Home, and Vladimir Besermenji (from Vrbas) – Siniša’s former roommate.

Numerous donors made sure that the newlyweds were appropriately dressed and well-dressed, a snack was prepared, there was no shortage of flowers and decorations, and live music was also played. The bride and groom, as well as all the guests, were in a good mood, so even the cold weather did not prevent them from playing cheerfully and lively on the terrace of the House. The wedding was also attended by the President of the Municipality, Dr. Radovan Uverić, with his associates.

– Everything was spontaneous. In addition to the donors, I especially thank my colleagues who contributed to organizing this wedding, says Ljubica Jolić.